Renaissance Equestrian
Bergen NY
Our Facility
  1. Boarding
    We offer large box stalls, most with windows. Board includes daily stall cleaning, as well as daily turn out. We feed quality hay and Nutrena feeds. Horses are monitored throughout the day.
  2. Indoor And Outdoor Arenas
    Indoor And Outdoor Arenas
    Our 60' x 120' indoor has great lighting, and windows for air flow. We have a full size dressage arena outdoors that is well drained and a grass area for jumps. We also have some mowed trails.
  3. Training
    We offer a great training program, with a focus on developing balance and lightness in the horse, and feel in the rider. We feel that many lameness and behavior issues have their roots in imbalances in the horse. With a background in classical dressage, individualized programs can be created for each horse that target each specific stiffness or weakness. Whether you have a horse you want to advance in dressage, or a horse that is changing careers or in need of physical rehab, we can tailor a training program that works.
  4. Lessons
    We offer lessons to people on their own horses, whether boarded here or trailering in. All boarders receive discounts on lessons. Lessons are non confrontational, and we welcome riders of all levels and backgrounds.
  5. Track Layups
    Track Layups
    We have a fondness for racehorses, particularly Standardbreds since we have owned and raced some in the past. We offer daily rates for turn out, and can assist with rehabbing injuries.
  6. Photography
    Photography is Dawn Arnold's sideline, and all of our new boarders get a free photo shoot on their first day of turnout here. Check out the gallery images for some great action shots. All photos of horses without riders were taken by Dawn.